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Glossary of Museum-Related Hashtags

May 28, 2013 | By | 20 Comments

A brief guide to some of my favorite conversations about museums, technology, and education on Twitter.

Museums and Technology

HashtagDiscussion TopicNotes
#musetechMuseums and technology (defined very broadly)This hashtag was started waaaaay back in 2010 by Carrie Kotcho and yours truly as part of a graduate course at GWU, called "Museums and Technology." We're so proud of how our baby has grown up.
#musesocialMuseums and social mediaAn ongoing hashtag as well as semi-regular chats. See Museums-Social-Media wiki for schedule (anyone may host/promote a chat using the wiki).
#musewebMuseum websites and web-based projectsNot to be confused with the excellent Museums and the Web conference (@museweb).
#mtogoMuseums and mobile technologiesIncludes smartphones, tablets, apps, responsive web design
#musedataData & analyticsOngoing hashtag about tools and tactics for evaluating your efforts
#openglamGLAMs opening up cultural heritage data under free licenseGLAM= Galleries Libraries Archives Museums. See: OpenGLAM initiative
#glamwikiWikipedia/Wikimedia partnerships with GLAMsA subset ofRelated to #openglam but dealing specifically with how GLAMs can contribute to Wikimedia projects
#LODLAMLinked open dataOngoing hashtag about linking collections and other data across cultural orgs
#artstechArts, culture, and technologyAlso see: #artstech meetups in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and San Francisco
#museogeekMuseums and technologyLike #musetech, but en français

Diversity and Justice

HashtagDiscussion TopicNotes
#MuseumsRespondToFergusonMuseums and social justiceOngoing hashtag related to critical discussion of museums, justice, and race; also see #MuseumsRespond
#MuseumWorkersSpeakSocial justice inside museumsOngoing discussion about diversity and equity in hiring, internships, pay
#museumhueDiversity in museumsAdvancing the diversity of people of color in the arts and creative economy; follow @museumhue
#a11yAccessibilityOngoing hashtag for discussions of access and universal design
#MusewomenWomen and leadership in museum techMentorships and more

Museum Education

HashtagDiscussion TopicNotes
#museumedMuseum educationIncludes teaching and learning for all kinds of audiences (not just K-12)
#mpossibleWeekly museum education chatChats hosted by @SIEdLab (Smithsonian EdLab) on Thursdays, 4pm ET
#edutuesWeekly arts ed chat with the @QueensMuseum Education departmentTuesday afternoons ET

Education (General)

HashtagDiscussion TopicNotes
#edtechEducational technology resources and toolsFocuses largely on K-12 formal classroom education
#edtechchatWeekly chat about educational technology and its impact on teachers and studentsMondays, 8-9pm ET
#ntchatWeekly chat and mentoring for new and pre-service teachersWednesdays, 8-9pm ET
#artsedchatWeekly chat for arts education practitioners, particularly in schoolsThursdays, 12-7pm ET
#sschatWeekly chat for social studies teachers to improve instructionMondays, 7pm ET. Also see: sschat ning community.

Campaigns + Discussions

HashtagDiscussion TopicNotes
#AskACuratorQ&A day with museum curatorsEvery September
#AskAnArchivistQ&A day with archivistsEvery October
#MuseumWeekWeeklong collaboration with Twitter highlighting museumsEvery March; look for daily hashtag themes
#drinkingaboutmuseumsInformation about informal happy hours for museum typesCheck for events happening in cities around the world (e.g., #drinkingaboutmuseumsdc) on Google+ and check out this history/how to blog post.
#artsPRchatPublic relations and arts organizationsHosted by @missionkeycom. Brings together PR, marketing and arts pros.
#SuperbOwlFeature unique (b)owls in your collectionA clever play on words during the U.S. football championshiop
#MuseumSwearJarOverused words and phrases in museumsFollow @MuseumSwearJar for the best examples

Now it’s your turn…what hashtags do you find most useful?


  1. Great list! I’ve learned a lot by following many of those tags. I also tune into #SMmeasure which is not specifically museum oriented, but is focused on Social Media measurement. They have weekly chats.

    • Anne, Thanks for the great addition! #SMmeasure was not on my radar. It looks like a great resource.

  2. Darren Milligan

    This list is AWESOME!

    Under Museum Education, MoMA does a weekly (Thursday afternoon) twitter chat using #AskMoMAEd

    • Fantastic recommendation, Darren. Added to my “Edu” tab in HootSuite. Thanks for sending it along.

  3. Kate Haley Goldman

    Anna Lindgren-Streicher (@astreichs) and I have begun tweeting museum evaluation under #museval irregularly, but we will be ramping up as the Visitor Studies Conference #VSA2013 is in July.

  4. Very interesting and necessary post. In the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum (Madrid, Spain) have several hashtag on education and museums: #MSEP_EThyssen, #Musaraña and #aquipintamostodos (Each associated with an educational program determined) also performed a Tweet conversation per month with #museoescuela. I have several as #educadoradormir, which is part of an editorial project on education and museums. Thanks

    • Thanks for adding some international flair to the list, Rufino! Does #museoescuela focus on formal education (i.e., school)?

      • Yes Dana, is associated with our School Program in EducaThyssen (

  5. Thank you for such a useful list!
    I’d add #museomix under Museums and Technology. Started by @samuelbausson it reflects the thoughts and progress around this collaborative project, intially just French now internationl

  6. Ooops, and I realize now two more are missing under Museums and Technology: #museumnext and #mw2013 both related to annual Conferences, providing tons of interesting tweets.

    • Thanks for the additions, Conxa! I didn’t include conference hashtags as they often change each year and are quiet except during proposal season and the actual conference. But they certainly can be some of the most useful hashtags to follow during those times! I actually have a “Conferences” tab set up in HootSuite for this purpose.

  7. Another one for the list: #museumlove

    Encountered in “Insider Tips from the Art World’s Social Media Pros” article.

  8. Love this list!! Please also checkout #musegames #drawart #musedraw #jewisharthistoryiscool


  9. A list of top 11 art-related hashtags, including:

    #artselfie / #museumselfie

  10. These are two hashtags I follow regularly and are great for engaging with a wide variety of museums all over the world, and directing traffic to our website. #collectionfishing and whatever theme @CultureThemes is currently promoting via Twitter (it might be socks, memories or cake!) It’s fun and very engaging!

  11. Great additions, Pauline! These are designed to be more public-facing than for museum professionals in particular, right?

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