Social Media Strategy via GitHub

The landscape of digital media had evolved and grown in the six years sincethe first National Archives social media strategy was launched in 2010, and our digital presence now reaches hundreds of millions of people. More than 200 National Archives staff actively contribute to 130 social media accounts on 14 different platforms, generating over 250 million views in 2015.  The new Social Media Strategy of the National Archives looks toward the next three years (FY 2017–2020) and will evolve over time. It is intended to serve our staff and help them create digital content that engages, delights, and illuminates.

We’ve taken this opportunity to reassess our goals and priorities for the next three years, focusing on these four goals:

The social media strategy was published on GitHub.

Read more about “Rebooting the Social Media Strategy at the National Archives” on the DigitalGov blog.

Launch Website

Organization: National Archives

Audience: educators, history buffs, curious nerds, museum visitors, genealogists

Role: Project advisor

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