Share Your Flag Story

This Flickr mash-up invites participants to share their thoughts about what the American flag means to them. What does it stand for? Is it a sacred symbol? Has it meant something important to you? Does it represent you? Have you ever used the flag to make a statement? The flag mosaic is made up of stories and photos submitted to Flickr in response to these questions.

The Star-Spangled Banner website also includes an interactive flag, which allows users to click on hotspots and learn something new about the flag each time they click. They can also zoom in on the image of the flag in order to see incredible detail.

A resources section features lesson plans and activities for educators, as well as a Web-based scavenger hunt quiz game in which students collect all 14 stars to get a special reward.

Launch Website

Organization: Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

Audience: History enthusiasts, museum visitors, educators and students (K-12)

Role: Project lead, content developer


This website was a Webby Awards Official Honoree.

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