Teaching Experience

Adjunct Lecturer, M.A. in Art and Museum Studies Program
Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)

Developed and teach the graduate seminar “Museums and New Media,” the only technology-focused course in the program

Adjunct Lecturer, M.A. in Museum Studies Program
Johns Hopkins University (online)

Teach masters-level “Developing Museum Web Projects,” which I redesigned to include a user-centered design practicum project and to add student-conducted interviews with leaders in the museum technology field (available through open license at Developed and co-taught masters-level “Social Media Strategies in Museums” course. Taught compulsory course for masters program, “Museums in the Digital Age.” All courses are fully taught online.

Adjunct Lecturer, M.A. in Museum Studies Program
George Washington University (Washington, D.C.)

Redesigned and co-taught masters-level “Museums and Technology” course, the only technology-focused course in the program and the only course to be cross-listed with the Museum Education Program.

Professional Experience

Chief, Web and Social Media Branch
National Archives and Records Administration (Washington, D.C.)

Manage a staff of 13 web and digital engagement specialists situated within the Office of Innovation. Responsible for NARA’s websites, History Hub, intranet, Internal Collaboration Network, and social media presence (130 accounts). Collaborate on crowdsourcing, outreach, and business innovation activities. Also served as Acting Director of the Digital Engagement Division (120 day detail), overseeing an additional 10 staff responsible for the National Archives Catalog and Citizen Archivist program. Supervised 12 undergraduate interns in the course of 2 years.

Senior Digital Outreach Producer
National Gallery of Art (Washington, D.C.)

Developed and implemented strategies for digital outreach including social media, web, and mobile platforms. Ensured that outreach efforts were grounded in the educational mission of the institution by capitalizing on opportunities to engage audiences in conversation, support personal meaning-making, and make connections to online resources for deeper learning. Was promoted from Educational Technologist role in 2014. Supervised one graduate intern in 2014.

Account Director/Digital Strategist
Ogilvy Public Relations (Washington, D.C.)

Oversaw digital strategy for major national education and communications campaigns in the public sector. Responsible for formative research, strategic planning, digital content development, influencer engagement, partnership outreach, technology implementation, and summative evaluation.

Chief, Digital Outreach and Engagement
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.)

Facilitated audience interaction with world-class collections, exhibitions, programs, and staff through innovative and appropriate uses of technology such as websites, social media, blogs, online exhibitions, user-generated content projects, mobile experiences, email marketing, and in-gallery interactives. Promoted the use of storytelling to capture and build interest in the museum and empower staff to engage the museum’s many communities of interest in dialogue. Evaluated efforts and impact regularly, using this information to develop strategic directions and advise senior management on the museum’s adoption of emerging technologies. Was promoted from New Media Project Manager role in 2010. Supervised 12 graduate interns and 4 undergraduate interns over the course of 5 years.

Coordinator, Online Communications and Publishing
Kaiser Family Foundation (Washington, D.C.)

Managed website, email marketing, and interactive exhibits for health policy nonprofit organization.


M.A., Museum Studies, George Washington University
Thesis: “Closed to the Public: The Impacts of Closing a Museum for Construction

Career Development Fellowship (50% tuition grant)

The Marie C. Malaro Excellence in Research and Writing Award

B.A., English, Minor: Women, Gender, Sexuality, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Thesis: “Gender, Sexuality, and Cyberspace”

National Merit Scholarship

Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) Scholarship

Island Federal Credit Union Scholarship

Leadership Training

Leadership Development Program, National Gallery of Art

NextGen Program, The Getty Leadership Institute, Claremont Graduate University


Journal Articles

Allen-Greil, D. “Exhibition Critique: Variety, Evocative Labels, and Clever Interactives Make for a Memorable Visit to the British Galleries,” Exhibitionist Journal (Spring 2014 vol 33.1)

Allen-Greil, D. “Exhibition Studies: Learning and Sharing Expertise with Social Media,”
Exhibitionist Journal (Fall 2013 vol 32.2).

Allen-Greil, D and Snyder-Grenier, E. “Glossary of New Media Terms,” Exhibitionist Journal
(Fall 2013 vol 32.2).

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Allen-Greil, D. “Measuring, Analysing and Reporting,” in Conversations with Visitors: Social
Media and Museums
, MuseumsEtc (Edinburgh). Also anthologized in Landon, K. Twitter for museums: strategies and tactics for success, MuseumsEtc (Edinburgh): 2010.

Allen-Greil, D. “Case Study: National Museum of American History” in Conversations with Visitors: Social Media and Museums, MuseumsEtc (Edinburgh). Also anthologized in Landon, K. Twitter for museums: strategies and tactics for success, MuseumsEtc (Edinburgh): 2010.

Crimm, Walter L., et al. Planning Successful Museum Building Projects (Unpublished paper by Allen-Greil, D., excerpted in Chapter 10: Communications Strategies and Chapter 11:
Operations), AltaMira Press.

Published Proceedings

Allen-Greil, D. “Serving researchers in a self-service world,” in Museums and the Web 2018: Proceedings.

Allen-Greil, D and Edwards, S., Johnson, E., and Ludden, J. “Social Media and Organizational
,” in J. Trant and D. Bearman (eds). Museums and the Web 2011: Proceedings.

Allen-Greil, D. and Macarthur, M. “Small Towns and Big Cities: How Museums Foster
Community On-line
,” in J. Trant and D. Bearman (eds). Museums and the Web 2010: Proceedings.

Digital Publications

Allen-Greil, D. and Stein, R., Evjen, M., and Lytle-Painter, E. “Museums and Digital Strategy
,” Alliance Labs (July 10, 2017).

Allen-Greil, D. and Feldman, A. “#MCN50 Voices with Dana Allen-Greil & Arielle Feldman.” (April 13, 2017). MCN.

Allen-Greil, D., Chen, J., King, M., and Albrittain, K. “Rebooting the Social Media Strategy for the National Archives.” Digital Gov (August 26, 2016).

Allen-Greil, D. “Is It Time to Try Medium? New Federal-Friendly Terms of Service” DigitalGov
(July 17, 2015).

Allen-Greil, D. “Meet a Museum Blogger: Dana Allen-Greil.” Museum Minute. (August 26, 2013).

Allen-Greil, D. “Top 6 Lessons from the 6th Museums and Mobile Conference.” Edgital. (March 22, 2013.)

Allen-Greil, D. “YouTube Counter-Campaign Videos Seek to Change Behavior.” Social Change exCHANGE, Ogilvy Public Relations. (October 15, 2012).

Allen-Greil., D. “What’s the difference between social media and social marketing?” Social Change exCHANGE, Ogilvy Public Relations. (February 24, 2012).

Allen-Greil, D. “Quantified Self: Is self-tracking the future of behavior change?” Social Change exCHANGE, Ogilvy Public Relations. (February 23, 2012).

Selected posts from Engaging Museums blog



Allen-Greil, D. “Glossary of Museum-Related Hashtags.” (August 1, 2016)

Allen-Greil, D. “Meet Joseph Lobdell/Lucy Ann Slater.” (June 17, 2016)

Allen-Greil, D. “Fun with 404 error pages.” (April 26, 2016)

Allen-Greil, D. “KonMari is good for me but is it bad for museums and archives?” (September 17, 2015)


Selected posts from the O Say Can You See? Blog of the National Museum of American History
(author and managing editor)

Allen-Greil, D. “Beyond ‘Where were you?’—let’s talk about September 11.” (September 7,

Allen-Greil, D. “You asked, we answer: What happened to the Pentagon flag from September11, 2001?” (October 21, 2010).

Allen-Greil, D. “Designing the American Dream with Mrs. Obama in mind.” (March 10, 2010).

Allen-Greil, D. “Olympic feets.” (February 26, 2010).

Allen-Greil, D. “You asked, we answer: What is the oldest known color photo?” (January 19, 2010).

Allen-Greil, D. “Recipe of the Week: Julia Child’s Sole Meuniére.”(September 28, 2009).

Allen-Greil, D. “What the American flag means to you.” (June 12, 2009).

Allen-Greil, D. “Protecting our museums.” (June 11, 2009)

Allen-Greil, D. “25 random things about me.” (April 7, 2009)

Allen-Greil, D. “A secret message inside Lincoln’s watch?” (March 10, 2009)

Allen-Greil, D. “What you’re saying.” (February 10, 2009)

Allen-Greil, D. “Sounds of the season.” (December 11, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “That was fast!” (December 9, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “A picture within a picture.” (November 26, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “A living museum.” (November 25, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “Talk of the town.” (November 21, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “All atwitter.” (November 18, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “Fourscore and seven years ago.” (October 28, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “A real national treasure?” (October 17, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “Now we’re really rolling.”(October 1, 2008).

Allen-Greil, D. “It’s taking shape before our eyes – but what is it?” (August 22, 2008).


Aponovich, D. “Three Government Digital Projects Highlight Drupal-Enabled Innovation.” Acquia. (May 4, 2017).

Leonard, M., and Scneider, T. “ The case of the broken links.” GCN. (January 1, 2017).

Merritt, E. “The Future of Ownership.” Center for the Future of Museums. (October 6, 2016).

Spinosa, B. “How Snapchat puts a friendly 🙂 on government.” FCW (July 15, 2016).

Visser, J. “Inspirational female (future) leaders in museum and culture.” The Museum of the Future. (April 17, 2013).

Finkelstein, J. “O Say Can You Sing? YouTube Contest.” MuseumTimes podcast. (July 28, 2010)

Research Experience

National Archives and Records Administration

“User Experience Research and Roadmap”

Oversaw research and analysis activities designed to better understand the 21st century researcher and to drive creation of a plan for future digital development based on the needs of NARA’s users. Research methodologies included analysis of existing user data (website and social media analytics, survey data, search logs) as well as new surveys, user interviews, observation, usability testing, comparative analysis, and heuristic analysis of selected websites. The results will be published in the Museums and the Web conference proceedings.

George Washington University/Smithsonian Accessibility Program

“Guidelines for Designing Computer-Based Interactives in Museums”

Conducted independent research project with supervision from the Smithsonian Accessibility Program Director, Beth Ziebarth. Designed, distributed, and analyzed a survey of 145 museum practitioners, which found that most museums had not yet adopted accessibility or universal design guidelines for computer-based interactives. The results and recommendations were used by the Smithsonian Accessibility Program to guide their efforts to supplement their widely-used Accessible Exhibition Design guidelines.

George Washington University
“Closed to the Public: The Impacts of Closing a Museum for Construction”

Conducted masters thesis research project supervised by Martha Morris. Completed a literature review, conducted interviews with 23 museum staff, and presented case studies on 38 museums, science centers, and related cultural institutions that had undergone construction in the previous 5-7 years. Explored how and why museums made the decision to close their facilities during construction, focusing particularly on the impact the decision had on the museum and its audiences. Investigated ways in which museums attempted to stay “open” to the public through alternate spaces, partnerships, and outreach activities. Findings were excerpted and published in Crimm, Walter L., et al. Planning Successful Museum Building Projects (Chapter 10: Communications Strategies and Chapter 11: Operations), AltaMira Press, 2009.

Conference Presentations & Invited Talks

Serving researchers in a self-service world,” Museums and the Web

Storytelling through Technology and Media” (Session Chair), The Cutting Edge of Public History: New Directions in Interpretation Conference, National Park Service

Why Digital Engagement?” (guest lecture), Museums and Technology, University of Washington

“Empowering Audiences in the Digital Era”(invited talk), National Museum of American History

History Hub: Join the Apple Support Community for researching history,” Museums and the Web

Strategy 3.0: What is Digital Strategy Now?” (professional forum), with Stein, R., Evjen, M., and Lytle-Painter, E., Museums and the Web

#ArtAtoZ: Serial Social Media at the National Gallery of Art,” MCN Conference

Social Media Extravaganza: A Mini Unconference,” with Pitts, P., Poleon, J., Sternbergh, M.,and Warchall, J. MCN Conference. Audio recording.

Sharing user analytics: an experiment,” with Tallon, L., Klevan, D., and Heibel, A. Museums and the Web (2015)

Museums in the Digital Age,” DASER (D.C. Art Science Rendezvous)

Marketing + Education = #musesocial?, with Estep, M. and Sternbergh, M., MCN Conference

Beyond the Selfie: Connecting Teens and Art through Social Media,” MCN Conference

Social Media Clinic,” with Stimler, N., Heenan, M., and Bailey Hogarty, S., Museums and the Web

The Baltimore Principles: Towards a common vision for digital heritage education and
professional development
,” with Parry, R., Marty, P., Dallas, C., Lytle-Painter, E., Hecht, P., Botticelli, P., and Dziekan, V., Museums and the Web

Beyond the Selfie: Connecting Teens and Art through Social Media,” National Art Education Association

By the People, For the People: Digital Strategy Workshop,” with Lytle-Painter, E., and Stephan, A., MCN Conference

Blogging is dead. Long live the museum blog!,” Ignite MCN

Social Media Engagement: Defining and Measuring Success,” (Moderator) with Chan, S. and Finnis, J., MCN Pro webinar

Engaging Audiences with Collections via Social Media,” Heritage Preservation webinar

Engaging Visitors with Social Media,” IMLS WebWise Conference

Horizontal Thinking in a Vertical World,” with Johnson, J. et al, American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Annual Meeting

Opening Up Museum Studies with Social Media,” invited talk for COMPT (Committee on Museum Professional Training), AAM Annual Meeting

Social Studies: How Educators are Using Social Media,” (Session Chair and Moderator), with Le, J., Hassan, F., and Milligan, D., Social Media Week DC

#SMWmusesocial: Defining and Measuring Social Media Success in Museums and Arts Orgs,” (Session Chair and Moderator), with Edson, M., Purcell, K., Sulick, S., Banks, S., Blasco, E., Kerrins, K., Hoffman, L., and Cole, D., Social Media Week DC

“Social Media and Museums,” invited talk for History and New Media course, American University

ArtTable Career Roundtables, Arlington Arts Center

The Heart Truth®: Using Social Media to Reach and Motivate Women to Address Risk Factors for Heart Disease,” Digital Health Communication Exchange (DHCX)

How to Support Learning with Social Media,” Biotechnology Faculty Development Workshop, Johns Hopkins University

“Hitting the Target Audience: Keeping up with Market Trends,” with Virela, X., Buzzell, J., Dawn, K., and Houseworth, A., Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium, American University

Strategies for Engagement on a Budget,” Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums Annual Meeting

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!” with Rosemond-Hoerr, E., Kassman, R., and Vess, J., Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums Annual Meeting

Developing a Transmedia Game,” with Cotcho, C., AAM Technology, Interpretation, Education (TIE) Online Conference

Viral Marketing on a Small Budget,” with Machado, M., AAM Technology, Interpretation, Education (TIE) Online Conference

Evaluating Social Media Efforts, with Russo, A., AAM Annual Meeting

From Construction Site to Museum: Managing the Opening Process,” with Gurian, E., Gradwohl, J., Leidy, S., Volkert, J., AAM Annual Meeting

“What Works and What Doesn’t: Lessons Learned from Reopening the National Museum of American History,” Mid‐Atlantic Association of Museums Building Museums Symposium

“Energizing Your Career: Finding a Job, Thriving Once You’re There, and Knowing When It’s Time to Leave,” Mid‐Atlantic Association of Museums Annual Meeting

Making Everyone a Winner: Universal Design of Multimedia,” AAM Annual Meeting

“The Museum Visitor in 2017: The Impact of the Internet Age on Labels, Exhibit Design and Digital Media,” with Romano, C., Portway, V., and Daso, D., Mutual Concerns of Air and Space Museums Conference

“The Online Museum,” (invited talk) George Washington University

“Ask the Experts Roundtable: The Impacts of Closing a Museum for Construction,” Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums Building Museums Symposium

Board and Volunteer Experience

Executive Board Leadership

MCN (Museum Computer Network)
Secretary, Executive Committee (2013-2014)
Chair, Marketing Committee (2013-2016)

Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums
Treasurer (2011)
Secretary (2010-2011)
Member-At-Large (2008-2010)

Education Fights AIDS International
Vice Chair, Board of Directors (2010-2014)
Chair, Communications Committee (2008-2014)

Board Committees and Advisory Roles

Museums and the Web, Program Committee

Exhibitionist Journal, National Association for Museum Exhibition (NAME), Editorial Advisory Board

EdCom (American Alliance of Museums’ Education Professional Network),
Communications Committee

Social Media Week DC, Advisory Board

NMC Horizon Report, Advisory Board, Museum Edition

Artomatic, Public Relations Committee

Underwire: Annual Journal of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, St. Mary’s
College of Maryland, Co-founder and Editor

Grant Reviews

National Endowment for the Humanities – Museums, Libraries and Cultural
Organizations Planning and Implementation Grants Reviewer

Institute of Museum and Library Services – Museums for America Grants Peer Reviewer

Juried Awards

National History Day, Judge

American Association of Museums, MUSE Awards Jury Chair: Mobile (2011); Public
Relations & Development (2009); Interactive Installations, Games (2007)

Museums and the Web, Juror, Best of the Web competition

Volunteer Service

National Museum of Women in the Arts, Docent

The Studio Theatre, Usher

Professional Awards

Museums and the Web GLAMi: Marketing and Promotion
For the #ElectionCollection social media campaign at the National Archives

PR News Nonprofit PR Award: Facebook
For the use of Facebook to collect Million Hearts online pledges to reduce blood pressure

PR News Nonprofit PR Award: Video
For the production of animated videos to promote the Million Hearts initiative

Bulldog Digital/Social PR Awards: Best Social Network Messaging Strategy and
Digitally/Socially Engaged Brand of the Year
For the use of social media to promote the Million Hearts initiative

Platinum PR Awards: Media Event
For the production of The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection 2012 fashion show event

Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards: Best Fitness or Health Campaign
For the Million Hearts campaign to reduce blood pressure

AAM MUSE Awards: Public Outreach, Gold
For the “Race to the Museum”exhibit and social media campaign at the National Museum of
American History

AAM MUSE Awards: Community, Gold
For the “O Say Can You Sing?” YouTube competition at the National Museum of American

Webby Award
For the online exhibition, “The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag that Inspired the National
Anthem” at the National Museum of American History

SXSW Web Award: Educational Resource
For the redesign of the National Museum of American History website

AAM MUSE Awards: Online Presence, Gold
For the redesign of the National Museum of American History website


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